Putting some magic into PostgreSQL (part 1/3)


PostgreSQL is a relational database management system created by the almighty Michael Stonebraker, the 2015-Turing-award-winner-creator-of-all-that-is-good-and-awesome. The same person that create HP Vertica. Long story short, PostgreSQL is a great data management tool.

PostgreSQL is a magical place where gnomes and elfs live in harmony and true happiness. These magical creatures are quite awesome and they know their place in the Universe. Moreover, the PostgreSQL environment is aimed to include new beings in his magic Zen forest. This is more evident when looking at the ton of PostgreSQL’s data types such as network address, figures (polygons) and geo-data. But what’s insane is its features to develop and use User Defined Functions (a.k.a. UDFs).

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