R you ready for R?


Hello folks, today I’ll share with you my experience using R for the past few weeks. The problem was that I had to analyze different time series resulted from gathering a sensors output. I needed to load the data and see its behavior A.S.A.P.! I talked with my advisor and his recommendation was: start with R. You can follow his advice too and download R.

What is R?

So first things first, according with R’s official site, this tool is a complete environment that includes a programming language, a high quality graph generator, a statistical and machine learning back-end. One more attribute or R is its extensibility to link programs written in C, C++ or even Fortran programming language. I read a little more and turns out R has amazing capabilities share data between different database management systems like Hadoop, PostgreSQL or MySQL. Also R has a community that’s growing fast with a ton of functions (or packages) for any kind of data analysis you want to do. Continue reading